IPS provides information resources and publications for Health and Education professionals in the field of Childhood Developmental Disorders, including AD/HD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Hyperactivity and Speech / Language Disorders. Please click here for more information on IPS.

The Information section has input regarding the nature, assessment and diagnosis of developmental disorders, together with useful contacts, supports groups and recommended reading. The Resources section has information on publications (audio, video and books), assessment materials, further web links, recent research findings, special offers, book reviews and articles from guest speakers.

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Association of Educational Psychologists
- The professional association and trade union for educational psychologists in the UK.

The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health
- formerly the Association for Child Psychology and Psychiatry

The British Psychological Society
- With over 42,000 members, the BPS is the representative body for psychologists and psychology in the UK.

School Psychology Resources OnLine
- for Psychologists, Educators and Parents



Information on the Gordon Diagnostic System
Information on the Conners' CPT

LUCID RESEARCH - Computerised assessment of dyslexia: Full product details available here.

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Jenny Lyon (Chartered Educational Psychologist) will be starting her new clinic in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex in September, 2009. Details can be found on her website here.





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